Welcome to Whitemelon Wedding an Agency of Advertising & Productions From humble onsets, Whitemelon has grown into amulti-faceted marketing resource for hundreds of companies civil. We shoot both prints and videotape at the same session without compromising quality or creativity. Our product platoon combine particular experience and movables to connect you with trusted shutterbugs and filmmakers across the globe.

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”.Our brand deserves an excellent visual image to communicate to the guests indeed without the exchange of words. We’ll fulfill that area by furnishing you the most professional photography and videography for services like modeling shoot, product shoot, marriage and event content. And that is not it, our educated editors willpost-process those finely captured photos/ videotape as per your requirements & pretensions.

Creating a polished, professional photographer near me- looking videotape does n’t have to mean spending on precious videography outfit and movie making shops. You can come a good videographer just by paying attention to a many crucial details that may not be egregious at first, and rehearsing your craft. These videography tips will prove to be veritably useful, whether you ’re shooting a more high- end product or simply creating a vlog that your observers will love watching.

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